#My first experience with ExpressJs

I decided to learn ExpressJs recently, because I’ve decided to get into NodeJs and I thought Express would be a good place to start. My first experience with Express has left me impressed.

I started by just browsing the documentation, where I came across the Express Generator. I thought this was really cool. I’m generally for code generation tools, especially if it’s just doing a bootstrap for you. It was also useful when learning to get a basic understanding when comparing it to the documentation.

The next major plus I found when playing with ExpressJs, was the templating engine, Jade. This is one of the best templating engines I’ve seen. As someone that finds it extremely tedious to write html, this is something great. You write the markup in YAML!!!

This is my hello world markup with jade.

    title Pream Totaram
    h1 Hello World

After this experience I found that I will love to continue learning Express AND Jade. I will also write write about new things I learn with Jade, and other ways I utilize it.